A solar panel does not need sunlight to function: it can also produce electricity on cloudy days.

    Fuel is free - The only source required to operate the solar panels is the sun. Also, most photovoltaic cells are made of silicon which is the second most abundant material in the Earth's crust. It does not produce harmful emission and makes minimal noise. The combustion of natural energy resources can cause smoke, pollute the water and cause air as well as produce carbon dioxide. Solar energy solely wants the ability of the sun for fuel. It does not produce any harmful by-products. Photovoltaic systems are highly reliable and safe to use. The performance of the solar panel are very high such that after 25 years the board will still retain 80% of its original capacity; this makes Photovoltaic technology a highly reliable long-term technology. The energy-latency of a solar panel is continually decreasing as energy prices are becoming increasing day-by-day>Solar panels and materials which are used in the production process (which includes silicon, glass, and aluminum) can be recycled The solar system requires little or no maintenance. Solar energy brings electricity to remote rural areas. In the countryside, the off-grid solar systems will give house lighting, refrigeration systems for hospitals and water pumping. Telecommunication systems in remote locations also make use of photovoltaic systems It helps in job creation - the solar industry is growing and increasingly contributes to the creation of thousands of jobs in Australia and around the world It helps to improve the security of Australian energy supply.

What are the benefits of solar panels?

Solar panels are an enormous investment for the future. They not only help save on the energy bill and protect against increasing fuel prices. Governments offer prices; it also means that you receive payments at no cost to the electricity you generate (whether you use or not) and also the power that you take back to the grid.

Subject to more analysis of your business and your energy usage, you can see the 60% reduction in energy bills, and you could produce a 14% profit for 20 years with feed-in rate support. However, we have the necessary financial capabilities to help companies and households to invest in solar power without the need for a significant investment.

In addition to saving your cash, Abacus solar systems allow you to produce your free green energy, reducing your ecological footprint. The choice of solar power can take a significant step towards achieving your socially responsible business goals and make your business public as a positive contribution to the environment.


Many factors affect how a solar panel system can work for you; this includes location, orientation, and level of your roof, and how much you are spending on energy bills currently.

We will look at your building and take into account what you need in other to design a customized system for your business using our internal technical and design team. We are proud to use our unmatched innovation and technological knowledge to prefer solutions that others do not suggest to deliver maximum return on investment. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.


A solar panel system collaborates with some panels (a table) that are usually mounted on your roof. Each solar panel consists of photovoltaic cells typically made of thin layers of silicon wafers and looks slightly like blue or black tiles. When the daylight falls upon the cells, it creates a better electric field. As the sunlight gets brighter, the more electricity is produced. This direct current (DC) directly flows to an inverter that converts it to Alternating current (AC) for use.

During the day, the solar panels generate electricity; the power will automatically feed your machines, appliances, lighting, etc. Any additional power above what your solar panels will produce at a certain point (or at night) will be removed from the grid. Even if the solar panels do not save electricity, any generated energy that is not being used will be taken back to the grid.

What can solar energy do for you?

Reduce your electricity bill
Provide protection against increasing energy bills
Bring power to your home with clean energy gotten from the sun
Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Increase the worth of your home